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Lumis' core team consists of industry-established professionals with deep experience in leading business transformation and driving growth. The team fuses together leading operating experience with financial expertise resulting in world-class in-house talent. A significant part of the Lumis team takes pride in their General Electric roots where they've lead key businesses and initiatives.

As an active partner with our companies, Lumis manages several key strategic and tactical initiatives and helps cultivate growth through a mix of our internal and resource ecosystem. Infused Professionals and Subject Experts play pivotal roles in the resource ecosystem through their focused insight, rich industry network and leadership.

Infused Professionals work closely with existing management teams and actively lead and execute key initiatives identified. The professionals bring with them a successful track record in building teams and leading projects.

Subject Expertise comprises of some of the most recognized thought leaders and senior professionals, with whom we have established formal and informal proprietary advisory relationships, in a variety of niche functions across several global locations. Professionals in this category have 20+ years of professional experience and are available to Lumis for specific short to medium term engagements in an advisory capacity.